Where is this game headed? -RevinK

Been playing since 28 October 2016.

Game is simple yet fun with a lot of potential.

But, the question is; where is this game headed? because i have been waiting for new event, content, and mostly new interface.

Are they going to give us what we want? Or, are they going to give us something else? Which could go either better or worse.

I honestly prefer they give us what we want, for the sake of keeping this game alive. I know some people who left the game because of the same thing over and over again.

Let me know what you think ­čÖé

Regards, RevinK


They must now be careful if they intend to change the scoring system, especially physics. Rush can destroy fun factor and dopeness ;P. But without updates, community probably become like waves in the sea - people gona play only after update - thats how it is. Game has potential, and on-site developers in spite of everything, I would not hurry, they just working as an artist, creates something, which is largely the creative process.

The most important is to have a vision of how final game should looks like - apparently they have such vision, which bodes well for. Worst case scenatio is where devs lost a track (some barriers in development which, for example, does not allow them to accomplish what they intended) and start to add stupid stuff that destroys balance or something like this ­čśŤ

a small hint from me to Devs - impose a regime and buy MS Project, build a schedule and determine deadlines - This will help to not loose a track

Well with the wait it looks currently.. the physics update is.. sub par. It feels even more like an arcade game. As for other things.. So many empty menu's and lists... It's so sad. I have high hopes for the game, but updates are few and far between.

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