New Beta Feedback

Just had a few runs on the new Formula Drift Atlanta Track with the E46 and got a lot of great impressions. I was unable to post all of these points on Steam because it's over the 1,000 character limit.


Good Points:

1. Sound Design: Much more 'impact' of the engine revving up. It sounds like you can tell when the engine is under load. Shifting through the gears feels awesome now.

2. Modeling: First impressions of the new E46 looks really good, I like the body kit with the bolt on duck tail. The model looks like it has a smoother body with more sub-divisions.

3. Graphics: Lighting has been improved. There is no longer a strong vignette around the entire screen. The textures for the road look great, and the tire marks reflecting in the sunlight is a good attention to detail.

4. Physics/Controls: I love the idea that your wheel doesn't return to center when you stop giving steering input, good implementation here.


Points that need some work:

1. Sound Design: Having an automatic blip of the throttle when I'm idle and shifting down is awkward and unnecessary.

2. Graphics:

2a. Enabling SSAO makes strange horizontal lines on distant objects/environment. It also makes the environment look a bit dark(Almost like overcast weather compared to when it's off), while the highlight from the sun isn't very diffused. I can understand that you are going for less saturated colors to make it a bit more realistic, but the environment seems dark.(Could also be because time of day is around mid-morning(8:00AM) looking at how the shadows are cast and the color of the light).

2b. The 'TEMPORAL' Anti-Aliasing gives a strange ghosting effect behind the car. It's even more pronounced when you turn off motion blur.

3. Physics/Controls: I'm able to sway the car almost 90 degrees side to side while going about 35 KPH without the use of the handbrake. The front tires feel like they have all the grip, and the rear has hardly any in this circumstance.


I understand that none of these changes are final. These are just points that I was able to come up with from testing the new Beta. I would love to hear input from other players.

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