OVERHEAT at min settings i7 2.50 up to 3.1 ghz

Hi guys, in these days I have some problems. I have a sixth gen i7 (2.50-3.1 ghz) with 8gb of ram and a 920 mx nvidia geforce ( 2gb ). One week ago it started overheating (70-74°C) playing this game, so I have cleaned it from dust etc. I set the game to minimum settings but my pc is still overheating. Do you have some solutions? It's weird because I always played with a 20°C air conditioned temperature and 10 days ago I had no problems... Please help me. I don't want to stop playing it.

Overheating with unity engine ?! o.O
I'm playing this game with an older computer than yours and have no problem ... maybe you should check your system : background app, Windows update, ... that kind of stuff.

I'm pretty sure it's not the game, if it is, well, just wait for update :/

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