I lost my account

Hi, i started the game and registered an account, then played for a while and the game freezed at the garage, so i closed hitting Alt+F4, launched the game again, and the screen to register an new account appeared again. I put the same nickname and it says there is already taken. I can't play anymore with my account, so there is a solution or i'll have to create another one with different nickname?

That's...I ask myself how in the world could that happen? If you were using the same account, that's way too strange.

I'm going to check your account on Monday to see what the hell happened and send you a message via Steam. Sorry for all this mess and thanks for reporting on forum.

Alright, thanks for reply!

There is the screenshots:

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Simply i can't login, the game ask to register a new account and says my name is already taken, as you can see. =(

Strange because when you log-in with Steam..it should take the Steam Login 😐

The same thing happened to me and I have put 5 dollars into the game I'm very frusturated!

@Dynasty Welcome to the club =/

@Cruderocks_iliya Still no solutions? Can you delete my account and let me create it again?

Hi i have also 'lost my account'. I am super frustrated because i have spent 10.9$ on this game and now its just all lost. I want something to be done as i had very good progress on this game. Whenever i tried to login after re-installing the game from a hard drive crash it didnt even say my other account name was taken it just went straight to creating the account and now i dont even know what happened to my damn save. My account name was "JINTU"

How can i get my acc from the NAmarican Server to the Euro Server ????

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