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New cars?
Quote from Cruderocks_iliya on October 21, 2016, 12:59 pm

There are tons of cars that could be added. Thus, we would like modders to take this matter in their hands. Soon we will be opening a car mod section, where you can load an fbx model, set up wheel coords and go for test drive. We also would like to give the ability to set up essential physics for those cars. We'll have a curated steam workshop, where people would vote for cars and we will add them as "workshop" cars.

Right now, workshop cars are the only ones that are sold for real money. That way, steam can identify whose mod was bought and give a share to an author. This is actually a thing we need to discuss.

I like the idea where you can play with modded cars, but i think there should be a boarder since we can buy cars for real money in the store witch you could mod you to.


Does this mean we can create a replica of a licensed vehicle because it wasn't created by the developer and would be considered a mod? Even if there was a royalty involved with the author of the mod? My concern is that this might turn into a legal mess if money is involved with modders recreating products of a manufacturer without permission. Do we keep our creations as a loose representation of the real product like other vehicles and brand names already in the game?

Since there is a payment to the modders involved that means they cannot rip assets from other games without consent from the publisher right?

Would we have to own the full license to Autodesk: Maya if we wanted to use that program? Not the free student version?

[Example Car: Lamborghini Murcielago, like Daigo Saito's] Another question I have is how would we determine the aftermarket performance parts for the vehicles created by a modder? Like how many White, Green, and Blue performance parts and what fake brand names they would have. What happens when the car we decide to replicate has a different engine like a V12? Where do we source the sounds for this?

I'm not anywhere close to being a lawyer, please do not shoot me down. I am just adding to the discussion and finding where the limit is that creators have to work with.

Ahh! Can't forget the E36 M3! When I first got the game, seeing the E30, E39, and the E46 gave me high hopes for the E36.. Can't be a drift game without an E36

Hyundai genesis, Nissan 300zx (z31 and z32), nissan 200sx (s12), Nissan s13 coupe, na miata, and fc rx7

An Ford Focus RS (2016 model) with good bodywork tuning would be nice!

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