How to report a Crash Log (Thread closed)

By submitting you crash log, you are helping us to identify breaking points much earlier.

How to find a crash log

So, High Octane Drift just crashed. Here is how to find a crash log:

  1. Go to Steam Library, find High Octane Drift and click with right mouse button. From the drop-down menu select Properties.
  2. Click on Local Files tab, then hit BROWSE LOCAL FILES button. This will open local game folder.
  3. Go to HighOctaneDrift_data folder.
  4. Find file output_log.txt. This is the crash log. Make sure it is the latest modified/created output_log file there. The game creates crash logs on every crash.

Submit a link to crash log

Upload crash log on http://textuploader.com/ or http://pastebin.com/ and provide link with full description of what you've done before game crashed. This will help us a lot and probably will solve your problem asap.

Thank you.


I was launched the game and it showed the Unity icon, after that it it had said "Connecting to N.America". The game crashes after I click on the screen. i cant get the game to go any further then the Connecting to North America Screen.


I was launched the game and it showed the Unity icon, after that it it had said "Connecting to N.America". The game crashes after I click on the screen


As with the two post above, I launched the game up, Unity icon shows up, and automatically tries to connect to North America server, HOWEVER I did come to notice that it's not after you click on the screen. The small icon of a turbo symbol spins for about 7-10 seconds and then freezes. It's after that moment that it pops up that the game crashes.


I launched the game and went onto the loading screen saying "Connecting to N.America". The screen then froze and I clicked on the screen and a messaged popped up saying "High Octane Drift is not responding"



I loaded up the game, and like the other people in this thread, just stopped responding after saying "Connecting to N.America"


First you need to load up "Radeon Settings" manager, and head over to the gaming tab, and press on "High Octane Drift".

Then you need to set the settings to what I have here: 

and launch the game from there. This is what I've done and it works.

Quote from Windows_10 on October 26, 2016, 3:03 pm



OMG! That's so awesome! Gonna put the link on every occasion. Thanks!

а где эти настройки ?




I was in Testserver 1 Mikawa just driving the track then out of no where the game crashed...idk if that is the right text but I hope so.

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