Ridicolous points - cheat engine?

I looked at best results in the various races. It appears that people with  D CLASS cars could reach points of 30-50 million points. Now... i found it very strange so i looked on the internet searching for some PRO players. What i found is that guys with  over 1200 Torque cars (so obviously S-X1 ranking), doing a "perfect race" with over 80x multipiers...reach with real difficulty 10kk points. (drifting like 120km/h all the time). Now how is possible that someone with 200-300 torque could reach over 50kk points? I have a nearly B car and it has difficulty to drift over 85 km/h more or less. to reach 50kk points i think you should drift over 130-140 km/h...and that's impossible with a D-E car..that reaches 140 km/h in STRAIGHT LINE. Cheats?

Probably, not. There is a special tracking for those who try to use speedhack. Some general values are supposed to be obscured. But I guess we need just a little more time for people to hack through, eh.

Anyway, there once was a bad level design decision, where one player was making donuts and earning points. Probably, that's what happened. We're going to restart those leaderboards in some near time.

the multiplicative design should be modified too you should get +1x on every transition not get +5x or what ever on a 1 long simple drift as it is now. I can see people with 40m of points at the end but in reality that would be much less and the gap wouldn't be that big.

There is a controversy about rivals scoring system for some time.

If scores would multiply every transition, like, from left to right, wouldn't it mean people just gonna ride exactly like this? No spectacular drifting or whatsoever, just swinging left and right to score the most?

Indeed, we are open for rivals scoring system changes, but we need to know where to go.

ps. I use word "rival", because we have a separate scoring system for so-called pro championships. There are different factors, but it is much like D1GP DOSS.

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