Engine Parts Don't Change

When i click Change To This for an engine part I already have it does nothing. I now can't ever go back to the engine parts that I bought before. Also we should be able to just completely take a part off after buying it, I don't like being stuck with an upgrade I can't remove.

I also have this problem where you are seemingly not able to change engine parts. I say 'seemingly' because they actually are changing, but for some reason you don't see the change happen like it should. There is a workaround where you apply what parts you want, then you quit and restart the game. You will see the parts you tried to reinstall are now applied.

Is this bug still alive?

No I think this is fixed now. I just switched over some owned engine parts and it seemed to change correctly on two cars I tested(330z, X7). Thank you for fixing this 😀

это неиспавлено, так же западает педаль  газа при попаданий на траекторию она иногда зависает


I think you are in the wrong side of the forums lol

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