How do you get in to a Infected lobby? If it's not available right now, when can we expect that to be up and running?

I saw videos people playing Infected already. What is exactly the problem?

I was able to play one Infection yesterday after waiting awhile. Is there anyway we can get a overhaul on the pregame wait lobby?

The hole process is really confusing. We need to let people know that you need 4 players, the wait lobby doesn't show names if you cancel and either start a new lobby or join one listed, The in process games say x1 car class and that there is over 483 players in the infection game, the lobbys open do not tell you if they started already or are waiting for more players.

We need to spend a bit more on infection mode, it was there more like a test feature. Thank you for pointing it out, going to do that in nearest time.

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