Any Tips & Tricks?

Is their anyway to keep the car more stable but have more HP? I seem to have an insanely hard time controlling my cars anytime I increase my HP past 300. I just want to know if there is anyway I can make the car more stable and not spin out every other corner. I have the Evo9 and its HP is almost 600, but its seem way more stable than any of my cars. So there has to be some way to do it if the Evo can. Last night I saw an 86 with 925HP and its was really demoralizing to see it compared to my 270-80 HP cars. Any other tip or tricks for the game would be helpful.

Apply the best springs and differential upgrades to your car with anti-rollbars(Not a Roll Cage, but you can if you want). After you've purchased these and you still need more control, you can put Sport or Race tire compounds on your front wheels to help with exiting a deep angle drift. Another thing you may want to try is a better clutch. Hope this helps 🙂

Thanks, I'll give it a try!

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