Custom suspension dissapointment

Dear Devs

I am a free user, and had about 100 greens so I decided to buy springs garage upgrade then it hit me hard when I saw that custom suspension can only be bought for greens and not for a small amount because 60 greens is not a small amount for a free player.

The fact that you have to pay almost twice the price of real money for just one car's suspension is just a dissapealing idea in my opinion, my suggestion is to add ability to buy custom suspension for rupees (maybe a similar price to wise lock kit).

Hope you read this, I love your game but I am sad that I spent greens basically for nothing.

Hi! The idea behind custom suspension, as well as all other custom things, was that you need it for fine tuning. It's like going deeper into the aspects of the game, building your own custom ride. It should come in handy for pro competitions. And it is a part of monetization system.

We see a lot of dispute going on around our ways of monetization, and it seems like there are some things that might be done the other way around. We heard you on this matter, thank you for your support!

ps. And in no way it must be considered as a useless purchase, but if you feel so, please, contact me at iliya@cruderocks.com

I agree with Kuna on this one, its borderline payed to win. And the "It should come in handy for pro competitions" thing is messed up. This game (as of on steam) is shown and said to be a Competitive Drift Game, but if you have payed features such as this it turns the game from Who has the most skill to Who has the bigger wallet. Take another competitive game like CSGO for an example, imagine if you had to pay REAL money just to buy a gun that's not the default pistol, meaning you are stuck with a little pistol against people with assault riles making the the game not fair nor competitive anymore. I guess a better comparison would be Dota 2 or Smite because they are also Free To Play like this game. But don't get me wrong I understand that you guys have to use microtransactions to make money off of this game because it is a Free To Play game. Maybe in the future try and experiment with different ways of implementing microtransactions and see how the people react. I would suggest that for the Suspension Upgrade add a thing telling the player that they have to first purchase it, then buy it as an upgrade for each car, because just like Kuna I did not know that you had to buy it once and then buy it for every car. So it would nice if you let the player know before they buy it. Either way keep up the good work so far, I'm really enjoying the game and feedback I'm getting from everyone. I'll continue working hard to find any bugs and report them back to you guys!

ps. Sorry for the wall of text

I am okay with paying greens for this garage upgrade, but I think that custom suspension should be possible to buy for rupees, information about price of suspension is a must for people to avoid buying blindly like I did.

And as Snazzy_Neko , it gives that kind of unfair advantage vs free player, skilled player with customized suspension will be probably better than the one without.

Someone who likes the game will buy some greens in a matter of time just to support devs, I personally think of buying some greens to get s15 rocket bunny

That's my opinion.

As always thank you for the game and hope you consider this.

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