The point system is bad!

I rly think the drift point system in this game is rly bad. Clearly have nothing to do with skill.

Follow a hidden line in 40km/h sideways with S class 900hp++ seems legit ?? Im raging a bit right now cuz its not like ppl are awesome drifters, you are awesome exploiters.


Yes, i am butthurting and salty af ! xD


apology if i hurt someones feelings

I agree, I've put 100+ hours into this game and its annoying to get beat by exploiters who don't even have half my hours. It feels like all my the hard work and grinding I do everyday is pointless.

Also can anyone do anything about a player named ForeverSideways, He is on the Races TOP leaderboard and Exp TOP but all he does is AFK. He/She does this for like 30-50 matches a day. So he should not even be there because hes just exploiting the system to get to the top of the board without doing anything.

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