$20 car with little to none customization

Hi, i recently bought the SLS for 985 greens, i was expecting a car with great customization however i got something very different, the stock engine has NO upgrades at all, none. i was surprised by this, i swapped the engine to V8, finally there is some upgrades, so i upgrade the engine BUT there is no transmission upgrades, not even a clutch (current clutch is no good and ruins the car) so at this point the altezza has more upgrades than the most high priced car in the game, whats going on with this? i feel like i bought a half finished car, is there more upgrades coming in the near future, or is it possible i can get my greens refunded? thanks for reading


Realisticly speaking, it's normal that an expensive (luxury) car has less upgrades than common cars, but I feel you dude. I hope you get refunded your 985 greens.

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