Wrap making! (offering help ^^) and some other random questions and id ...


I got an offer to make, i can actually help you guys with making of sponsor wraps, like i've proven on the US server you can't drive around without seeing my name pop up somewhere, i actually did 54x wraps (production style) spread out over 5 diffirent cars (never using same color on same car ^^)
i would love to work for you guys (practicly for free) details over this can be discussed no worries there.

I got some experience in gameworld creating, made maps for CS1.6 back in the day, dabbled a bit with blender, used the Unreal engine alot. (just not good in coding but anything visual wouldn't be a problem)

Also i think i've said this before me and some others managed to get a community up and running, the question was if we could sponsor a extra US server (i would like to have some info about the costs of such server so i could discuss it with the rest)

Also an thought about the anouncement, that part idea is pretty good ... but to actually destroy engine parts would be a huge mistake .... for example ... i have green only engine parts .... wouldnt be much fun if i keep losing them.... and would probably enrage the community .... example: Custom Suspension.

Also on US side ... there are enough servers availible to host the other maps aswell, can i ask the reason why thats not there yet? is it even supposed to?

Other then that, you guys are doing an AWSOME job so far! keep it going ^^ ride the success if this blows up there are WAY better roads to drift on! 😀


Xsessive, CEO X-Art Wraps, Chairman High-Drift Club.    <---- i love this 😀


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